Over the past years, Slack has become a favorite communication tool for thousands of companies, averaging more than 250,000 daily active users, 30% of which are using paid service. While Slack helps teams work together on a single target, the bulk of the actual work takes place outside of the app. For this reason, Slack API offers the possibility to add new Incoming WebHooks for integration with external services. Given that WordPress has 27% + sites in the world, it is very important to have an easy way to receive notifications from these sites. For standalone WordPress Slack plugin assemblies exist, created by Akeda Bagus, the developer of the X-team. Day before yesterday we talked about the bbPress Slack Integration plugin, which allows you to send notifications about new topics and replies to your selected bbPress Slack channel. WP Slack performs a similar function for the common WordPress events. The plugin is able to send notifications to Slack on the basis of the following events: When recording requires an examination (status “pending review”) When entry is posted When a new comment is posted In addition, the plug-in also includes slack_get_events filter to add more
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