The extent of my professional experience working in IT for higher education was my fairly non-industrious stint working as a computer lab aide at The New School. But, I was very excited to be a part of the inaugural WPCampus, a first of its kind conference for those who use WordPress in higher education. Not only was it the first conference aimed at using WordPress to power higher-ed websites, but it was the first WordPress conference focused on a specific application of WordPress. I took part in this event because I wanted it to be a success and to see more vertical-specific WordPress conferences. The speaker lineup was pretty beefy, lots to be learned for any WordPress user, it was only a few hours south and a dozen of my WPCrowd mates were coming. And I’m so glad I made the obvious choice to attend. I had a great time, gave a fun talk, made new friends and enjoyed some quality WordPress education and several fine local eating establishments. If you’d like to see the slides and links form my talk, be sure to check out this post on my blog. Interesting Talks From WPCampus I’ll be honest, I mainly attend WordCamps and other WordPress conferences for the “hallway
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