Posted on July 20, 2016 by Elizabeth Ehrenpreis Last time I was here at the Pluginize blog, we talked about applying design usability concepts to writing site copy to your homepage. This round, we’re going to talk about why you want to write for the least informed person in your targeted audience–not the most. First, you have to figure out who is listening. When writing copy for web/mobile development and design firms, there’s often a debate about just how technical the conversation should be. Often, these agencies have an overlap in their audiences: Category A: Business owners/Entrepreneurs/C-Level Executives/Senior Marketing Types These are the folks who make first recommendations and/or final decisions in their business, and depending on the size of the business, one (or two) of them set out to find a developer who can build, or refresh, their site. Category B: Other developers and designers Developers and designers often hire their own–whether that be for support on a big project, consultation, or help with a particular element on a specific project. Developers, as a rule, tend to be extremely motivated when it comes to learning new tips, tricks, and more,
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