With over 45,000 plugins in the official repository, and many more on personal websites or even marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, how can you possibly increase your chances of success? Whether you release your plugins completely free or as a part of a freemium model; or if you sell them on your own site or through CodeCanyon, the end goal is the same: get as many downloads as possible and achieve an excellent conversion rate. Naturally, the functionality and the quality of your plugin plays an important role, but what matters more is that you reach your ideal WordPress user and get them to either download or buy your plugin. And the best way to do that is by using clear and compelling copy in your plugin description. By optimizing your copy, you will gain more downloads and more users who will know exactly what problem your plugin solves and how to put it to proper use. When it comes to WordPress plugins, your readme.txt plays a crucial role. Whatever you put in it will be visible on the official plugin repository, the plugin page, and in the plugin description inside a user’s dashboard. While the latter is a good way to help your users remember what your plugin does, it won’t
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