React is a popular JavaScript technology for creating rich user interfaces. It originates from Facebook (Instagram originally) and is widely used. The library is open sourced under BSD, but it comes with an added patent clause that you should be aware of. If you are using or considering using React in a project you might want to consult a lawyer. Because of the patent clause you are not allowed to do anything that constitutes as competing with Facebook. If you do take legal actions or in other ways challenge Facebook, your license to use React is immediately revoked. Your license is also revoked if you have any legal disputes if you have legal disputes with any other company using React. This is the reason why both Google and Microsoft employees are not allowed to use React.js in their work - according to Rob Eisenberg, creator of the Aurelia framework and a former member of the Angular 2 development team. While this may be a theoretical impact for most implementation projects, it's certainly worth remembering and can limit some other projects like WordPress Calypso which have built a deep coupling to the library. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is no stranger to petty litigation,
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