Imagine this scenario: You’re working on a WordPress development project and have a dozen or more plugins installed. However, your site isn’t humming along quite the way you’d like it to. You’ve eliminated all of the usual suspects: hosting is adequate, there are no obvious JavaScript or PHP errors, and there is nothing else clearly amiss. You suspect that one or more of the plugins you’ve installed are to blame, but how do you figure out which plugin is causing the problem? The usual method of identifying a troublesome plugin is to deactivate plugins one-by-one until the behavior you’re trying to address stops. However, with the right debugging plugin installed, you can pinpoint the issue more quickly and with greater accuracy. This is the sort of scenario Query Monitor was made to resolve. Query Monitor is a free debugging and development plugin for WordPress. You can use it to identify and debug slow database queries, AJAX calls, REST API requests, and much more. In addition, the plugin reports back website details such as script dependencies and dependents, WordPress hooks that fired during page generation, hosting environment details, conditional
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