There are 48,624 plugins in the repository. Out of these, a mere 2% have over 10K active installs (source). We managed to reach this goal in 3 months. Not an easy task, I can tell you that. I've always found it interesting to read about startup journeys, from start to success. We thought now was a great chance for us to share some of the factors that helped us reach this goal, seeing that the next mark on the WP repository is 20K. Of course, there are a million different ways we could have reached 10K, but I think sharing some of the crucial factors can be interesting for anyone that plans to launch a new WordPress plugin. Utilizing the power of the WordPress community is a must for anyone launching a new WordPress plugin. From the translators, developers, bloggers and down to the simple user, the WordPress community is a place where people genuinely want to help each other, most times without asking for anything in return. We've gotten a lot of amazing feedback from users, some of which helped us decide on which features to work on first. This started as early as launch day, when our post on 'Advanced WordPress' got a large number of likes and supporting comments, even though it was
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