Earlier this year, I launched a new website called HotBookDeals.com, a site that sends a daily newsletter to members informing them of free and discounted ebooks in their selected categories. After launch, I started to think about how cool it would be to make the same information available to users through an app. The HotBookDeals app launched in the iOS App Store last week, and almost immediately I had several friends ask me how I did it. Since I don’t like explaining the same process to multiple people one at a time, I knew this was a perfect opportunity put together a post that shows, step-by-step, the process of turning a website into an App using AppPresser. Why Use AppPresser? This is another question that got asked a bunch. Why AppPresser? Why not just build a native mobile app? Here are just a few reasons: I don’t need to learn a new programming language I can use WordPress to manage my content I can use WordPress plugins to add functionality I can make design, functionality and content changes to the app without having to go through the approval process each time Any one of those would be reason enough to use AppPresser. Setup and Configuration AppPresser is a suite
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