Update: Change is hard. I wrote this 20 months ago, but after seeing some of the responses on social media to my article on GoDaddy acquiring ManageWP, I was surprised that GoDaddy’s changes as a company haven’t been more widely recognized. They’ve been working to improve for a long time, so I figured I’d make this (my first Club Member’s only post I ever wrote) article free. Today, I’m reflecting on PressNomics. I have a ton of stuff for subscribers and regular readers alike that will stem from this event. The event couldn’t have been better: I was surrounded by newsmakers, business owners, and potential customers. But for subscribers, I want to share a particular lesson I learned. That is this: anyone can change. This is a story about (wait for it) … GoDaddy. Yeah, I know. Until a few months ago, my answer if someone said the name GoDaddy to me would probably be, “Ugh.” A few months ago, my answer would’ve changed. It would require more. Something along the lines of, “Ugh. Man, they are tossing a lot of money at WordPress. I guess they finally caught on.” But I — not thinking as I often fail to do
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