When you have a form with unique needs, such as one that powers a registration systems, you may need to create a custom validation for a specific field. For example, if you need to check if a field value matches a list of allowed values. Or you may need to see if a field’s is in a certain range. Another use for this type of processor is for adding invite code functionality to your event registration form, or user registration form created with the Caldera Forms Users add-on. While adding validation in the browser using conditional logic or custom JavaScript may provide for a good user experience, often server-side database lookups or other PHP code is necessary for ensuring the correct validation. This tutorial shows how to make a simple Caldera Forms processor to validate the value of a field. Caldera Forms processors can act at any, or all of these three stages of form submission processing: Pre-process: Used for any process that is required to be successful for the submission to be complete. This is the most commonly stage. Process: Runs after pending entry is created. Not commonly used, but provides an opportunity to return errors, after all pre-processing is complete. Post-process:
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