After one month work on CSS property with KingComposer page builder, we saw that we need a tool for adjusting styling on all tags of a page. Then CSS Inspector is the feature we want to bring for customers. CSS Inspector Enabled What is CSS Inspector? As you know, a website rendered by HTML and CSS, CSS is most of the method for getting the great layout for a website. So the CSS Inspector is a tool help you set the CSS property for all tags HTML, you don’t need to add any CSS code into your WordPress page. How to use CSS Inspector Why use CSS Inspector? Of course, the purpose of CSS Inspector helps you control styling for HTML tags. It supports all CSS properties with high label meaning. You can control text align left/right/center. Increase size of text, set the color for a text or icon, and even background color, background image and gradient. Of course, It supports responsive, it means you can control style over screen-sizes – other page builder can not do. You want to text smaller on mobile size, it is so easy to do with CSS Inspector. Please take a look video bellow to understands more about that.
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