The Acquisition And now GoDaddy has acquired ManageWP. I have read a few comments and #WPDrama over social media, and I am appalled, disgusted, offended, disappointed, and disheartened. Yes, I worded it that way for dramatic effect, I know. My point is, I am very displeased with how a few folks have chosen to handle this situation. Never say never, I know. That is what was stated; do you seriously plan to leave ManageWP hanging, this great product. There is too much-unexplained lore to stop now. Is there? I can feel; what everyone is trying to say against GoDaddy. The fact of the matter is, when GoDaddy acquired MediaTemple, I was scared as well. Initially, I didn’t feel that good about it at all. But to my surprise, they were able to leverage the acquisition into improving their hosting services, and they have only excelled at it. MT/GD also got more business from my end after the acquisition. It has to count for something. I understand, that there’s a bit of itchy history between you and GD. But hey? Whatever happened to empathy? Anywho, let’s not go there. Orion Won My Recommendation Orion is such an extraordinary step — by the ManageWP team — that I
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