A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions, according to Kissmetrics. It can also hurt rankings, according to this WebsiteOptimization.com study. These facts can get you on a frenzy, turning off plugins left and right, installing caching plugins you have no idea how to use, and most importantly, refrain from using page builders to create your pages. In this article I want to calm you down, as well as revert you from the path of what I call “Fanatic SEO”, that ends up hurting SEO more than helping it. Why Is Over “Fanatic SEO” Hurting Real SEO? This explanation is a bit obscure to understand, so bare with me here. Fanatics take everything in extreme. In fitness, they work out 4 hours a day, ending up hurting their body. In health, they avoid bacteria, turning into Howard Hughes In SEO, they create uber-optimized websites, ending up with a butt ugly design, and spending all their time optimizing and coding instead of creating content and doing marketing. How Fast Is Fast Enough? When optimizing, you really should have some sort of indicator as to your target speed. Google’s recommendation is to check the competition and
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