Page speed and security should be two issues on the mind of every WordPress site owner. We wrote a huge post about WordPress and page speed back in 2014. And since then, page speed has only gotten more important. Users want sites to load fast – 30% of people want sites to load in under one second. And if your site doesn’t, they’re probably going to go somewhere else. WordPress security should always be a concern too. 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacking, so every bit of security you can add is a huge win. Want a way to take out two birds with one stone? Install CloudFlare for your WordPress site. CloudFlare is a CDN that also acts as a proxy between your website and your visitors. This dual action allows CloudFlare to both: Serve up content quickly Filter malicious users before they reach your site In one package, you get faster page load times and enhanced security. It’s pretty awesome. In this post, I’ll discuss some pros and cons for CloudFlare and then show you exactly how to set up CloudFlare for WordPress. Advantages of CloudFlare On average, CloudFlare sites: Load twice as fast Use 30% less bandwidth Experience 65% fewer requests
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