I wasn’t ready to give these features up, and I didn’t have the … || Last week I relaunched Laravel News, and the new site is running on Laravel with WordPress as the backend. I’ve been using WordPress for the past two years, and I’ve grown to enjoy the features that it provides. The publishing experience, the media manager, the mobile app, and Jetpack for tracking stats. I wasn’t ready to give these features up, and I didn’t have the time to build my own system, so I decided to keep WordPress and just use an API plugin to pull all the content I needed out, then store it in my Laravel application. In this tutorial, I wanted to outline how I set it all up. Please keep in mind there are several different ways of doing this, and you can take a look at the WordPress and Laravel post for a list of third party packages and resources that others have created to solve this same task. The primary options are to either hook into the WordPress database, pull from the API, or sync data from one system to the other. I choose the sync option because I wanted everything separated. While researching I came across a package called WordPressToLaravel that does this, however,
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