When the floor was opened up to users for suggestions on what they want to see included in WordPress 4.7, Mark Root-Wiley advocated for Trac ticket #27159. The three-year old ticket was created by Hugo Baeta and suggests that certain buttons in the post editor be removed in order to improve the user experience. In the initial proposal, Baeta recommends that the Underline, Alignment, and Text color picker buttons be removed. Throughout the last three years, members of the core team and those interested in the ticket have discussed the pros and cons of removing specific buttons. There’s also a suggestion moving the drop-down menu for choosing headings and making it the first item in the top row. Here is what the kitchen sink version of the post editor looks like on a fresh install of WordPress 4.6. Post Editor of a Fresh Install of WordPress 4.6 The following is a summary of the proposed changes to the editor. Move the headings selector to the top row, at the front Remove heading 1 from the headings selector Remove align-left, center, right, and justify or maybe move them to the kitchen sink and only remove justify. Remove underline, other than the keyboard shortcut Consider removing
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