This free email course will equip you to do everything you want to do with WordPress, yourself. Most WordPress training courses focus on the basics: how to add pages, how to install themes. If you want to do anything more complicated they say "hire a developer". This is fine, but what about users who want to do everything a developer can do? This is where we come in. The week of lessons we've prepared will provide you with the knowledge and skills to do everything you want with WordPress yourself, without the need for paid help. You'll learn how to: Set up your WordPress site how you want it Manage sites for clients Master speed and security (these are super important skills) Increase the value of your WordPress skills + a ton more. Ready to get started? Enter your email below to learn the skills you need to Become a WordPress Master. About the Authors I’m a WordPress theme developer. I built one of the most popular themes on, one of the first “magazine style” themes and co-founded leading WordPress theme shop Pro Theme Design. I’m an experienced developer, serving for over a decade as Director of Web Development at one of the largest
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