Jasser Abu-Giemi is the the founder, host and business coach at the Canada Photo Convention. An event that started with just 89 Canadian Photographers one year in Vancouver and exploded to 230 photographers from around the globe the next year primarily due to the power of word of mouth marketing. Jasser is very proud to have been called an entrepreneur, a teacher, a caregiver, an animal lover, a disturber and photography’s Oprah. WordPress/Photography Related News: WordPress 4.6 is here! It uses system fonts in admin instead of Google's Open Sans font. It also contains disaster recovery improvements and as you type, WordPress saves your content to the browser. A final notable feature is an inline broken link checker. Referenced Links: Where to find Jasser: iTunes YouTube Transcription: WordPress Photo Podcast #22 – Remove Business Paralysis, Be Persistent, Be Unique & Work Hard w/ @photoconvention https://t.co/6NETCrX7Gk — Imagely (@imagely) September 1, 2016
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