If you are not new to this blog, you already know that I used to be a UI/UX Designer focused mostly on designing and developing front-end interfaces for apps and all things the web. After four years of front-end work, I found myself in a position where I had kinda run out of room to grow. Or maybe it was because I became a power command line user and decided DevOps is so cool. Long story short, I am a Full Stack Developer now. But as someone who came here from a UI/UX background, more often than not, I find an array of user experience (UX) problems with a lot of WordPress plugins. That’s exactly why about seven months ago; I started this research. Research Oriented Series About User Experience This research was about user experience. I wanted to find out about how I can improve the downloads and installs of a new WordPress product by firmly believing and working towards improving the user experience. It was like laws of physics. If you believe in them, you can take a calculated risk by betting on if I can provide users with enough value, with at least good enough user experience; I can expect a good level of engagement (i.e. Downloads and active installs). This engagement is what
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