Yesterday I ranted about Why You Should Never Use Colored Icons Inside the WP Admin Panel which stirred up quite a debate in the WordPress community. About 90% of the folks that I had a conversation with agreed with me, but there were strong arguments against it by some folks. In hindsight, I should have created a poll after the post to attract better & clearer feedback. New Menu VS a SubMenu inside WP Admin Panel This is one other debate which we need to talk about. When building a plugin or a theme, a WordPress developer more often than not needs to provide its users with a way to configure the product at hand. Since this configuration is meant mostly for the administrators, you get to see either a new menu or a sub-menu created for it. Responsible WP Development If you are like me— big fan of consistency and following coding standards is important to you then, chances are you are into what I call responsible WordPress development. As a responsible WP developer, you try and always think about the users first. How will your users interact with your product? Do you want to be intrusive when it comes to their sites’ admin panels or do you want to weigh more on better
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