Recently we have posted an article listing our favorite Instagram plugins. We mentioned WP Instagram Widget as being our go-to solution when we need to display a feed on our demos. We like the plugin due to its simplicity and easy of use. However these do come at a price. The widget does not look pretty from the get-go. Let’s say we start by adding a widget in Twenty Sixteen‘s sidebar: As an example we’ve added a feed from Lonely Planet’s Instagram. We’ve set the title, username and link text, that’s it. Here’s what you will see when you visit the site Not what you’d call pretty, right? The plugin comes with no styling of its own, which is great if you are a theme developer because it allows you to style it yourself to match your theme’s layout. Not so great for users though. Don’t worry, we can fix this! What we need is some custom CSS to help us get to a more visually pleasing layout. If you are using a child theme you can place the styles at the bottom of your child theme’s style.css. Alternatively you can use a plugin to help you add custom styles. Jetpack has a built in custom CSS editor. Don’t want to use
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