WordPress is an ever-growing open source platform that powers more than 23.5% of the websites today. It was first launched as a blogging software in the year 2003 but has evolved to be one of the most preferred and invincible software used around the world to develop fully functional and dynamic websites. It enables web users to create aesthetically appealing and feature-rich websites without ever touching a single line of code. But do you know how did it all start? In today's post, we are going to have a peek at the early life and various versions of WordPress released over the years. The Early Years WordPress was first introduced by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg in May 2003. There were various other developers involved in the development of this software including French programmer Michel Valdrighi, developer Dougal Campbell, and a small team of WordPress also launched a hub known as Ping-O-Matic in April 2004 to inform search engines about a new blog update. June 9, 2003 – WordPress 0.71 Now Available June 25, 2003 – WordPress Version 0.711 Now Available July 31, 2003 – Link Manager Changes August 24, 2003 – Point 72 Beta 1 Available September 1, 2003 –
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