Everyday I spend time working on products for our great clients, I specifically spend a great deal of it writing code and building features. But I’m not just creating new features, I’m also creating new opportunities…opportunities to break that product. Here are the questions developers need to ask before turning in their tasks, and how they’re going to help you code smarter. How can I break this? Where’s Murphy hiding? Who do I trust? What’s dangerous? What are the real limits? Who is this for? For example, what could go wrong with this example? <?php _e( 'What could go wrong here?' ); ?> Well, it turns out, a lot. Have you ever tried breaking this by adding malicious scripts in language file? Turns out an innocent function, like this, opens a huge opportunity for people to break things. This was my own revelation a few weeks ago, and it dawned on me that I do not spend enough time trying to break things and learning the skills I need to detect these hidden opportunities in my code. The first step was simply realizing that with every new feature, comes new opportunities, but the following are a few steps I’ve been taking before I complete
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