We partnered with Corey Potter from Fuel Your Photos on a really fun and extensive test on page builder plugins. The idea came up because in so many Facebook groups we found people asking questions about page builders and comparing WordPress features to Squarespace features. We know page builder plugins can make that migration easier, and really make maintaining websites easier for all photographers. To make the test fair and even across the board, we did a few things. First, we used Imagely Hosting, which does not come bundled with a page builder at the time of writing this. The servers are all based on the east coast in the United States. The servers used contain no caching, unlike the live servers at Imagely Hosting. The servers are also cloud servers which help websites load extremely fast. Each plugin was purchased, except Elementor which is free, but no license was inserted. That was done on purpose because it happens all the time in the photography industry, or licenses expire and are not renewed. We also used the Twenty Sixteen theme, which is pre-bundled with fresh WordPress installs at the time of testing. It's important to know which versions of the plugins we tested. If
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