Did you know that we're only three people here at Nelio? And, yet, our posts are pretty cool, huh? That's because of our new plugin, Nelio Content! Do you want to use it too? Last week one of our customers opened a support ticket describing a weird issue—when he tried to use our plugin, its UI was broken, rendering it completely unusable. Since I’m the one who usually takes care of incoming issues, I’m quite familiar with the problems our customers face… but this was the first time I heard about “a broken UI that makes our plugin unusable” Indeed, a weird issue. Just so you know, this is how our plugin’s supposed to look like: Screenshot of Nelio Content’s Dialog for adding new social messages. and this is what he was seeing in his WordPress: Nelio Content’s Dialog is rendered completely unusable because of an incompatibility issue with a third-party plugin. What the heck?! Our customer was completely right—our plugin can’t be used at all! Just look at the previous screenshot: the editor’s toolbar is over the dialog, the dialog’s layout is completely off, the look and feel is changed (who added this orange
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