Is freelancing all it’s cracked up to be? Sure, it is! But it takes a lot of hard work. And I should know. I started freelancing in 2004 when I was 20 to help pay for college. My very first paying writing gig was an article for a teen arts magazine about Irish dancing. I’ve gotta say, getting that first paycheck for $50 was exciting. And that article was certainly a mile away from the subject matter of WordPress. So how did I get here and why should you care? Because the freelancer’s journey is similar across professions, that’s first. But second, if I tell you my story, maybe you can avoid some of my biggest mistakes. So, as you embark on your WordPress freelance journey–whether as a writer like me or a developer, designer, marketer, or something else altogether–know this: many people have walked in your shoes. Speaking of shoes, maybe it’s time to fasten yours as you walk down memory lane with me and learn tips and tricks from someone who’s been doing this freelancing thing for over a decade. How I Got Started as a WordPress Freelancer After the initial rush of landing my first paying assignment as a freelancer wore off, I struggled.
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