There I was, working for a local WordPress agency. I was building websites and felt, at the time, like I was in heaven. I was doing something I loved. In the process, I got to learn a little about the inner workings of an agency and a team. I remember getting an assignment. The website was pretty straight forward. I got the design from the designer, and there was nothing overly complicated on the backend. I struggled with my usual front end tweaks but was making good progress, trying to complete the build in less time than before. I felt good about it all. And then it happened. Clunk! Just like slamming bricks on a dirt floor. Part of my job was to work with the owner of the business. There was no one else between him and me. We had some really nice conversations and I was impressed with his company. They had two locations in our rural state. He seemed pretty smart and we had a good working relationship. However. As we got closer to the point where I put content into the site, I begin to hear less and less from him. The dreaded content issue He had a wife or someone in his family that had an English degree. That’s not even counting the issue of images. For some reason, our designer
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