Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bolivia Brazil Cambodia Canada Cape Verde Chile China Colombia Congo Côte d'Ivoire Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Japan Mexico Nepal Netherlands Nigeria Norway Pakistan Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Serbia Singapore Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela United States (27.15%) India (7.62%) United Kingdom (6.95%) Germany (6.29%) Canada (3.64%) France (3.31%) Russian Federation & Spain(2.65% each) Brazil & Netherlands (1.99% each) Australia, China, Pakistan, Switzerland, & unknown (1.66% each) Denmark, Italy, Romania, Turkey, & Ukraine (1.32% each) Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Sweden, & Thailand (0.99% each) Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Finland, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Nigeria, Norway, Singapore, & Venezuela (0.66% each) Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Czech Republic, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Indonesia, Iran,
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