If you’ve gotten a ticket to this year’s WordCamp Europe, you may have received a message from Pierre, the conference’s friendly email robot. The bot will send updates leading up to the conference starting June 15. Pierre is not only your guide through preparing for the conference, he is just one of the many innovations the team is employing this year.

The WordCamp is only a little over a month away, and is shaping up to be an impressive conference. It’s the perfect time to catch up on everything the team has announced so far.

Here is everything you need to know about WordCamp Europe.


The team has been thematically releasing speakers in batches. So far Six batches, over 30 speakers, have been revealed. Topics cover everything from how to use the REST API, to how to make WordPress more human. The speaker page includes a small bio of the speaker and a brief description of the talk.

Only 42 speakers were selected out of the more than 300 that applied, and each one brings with them a different expertise. Pirate Dunbar, for example, will explore how to build a custom react native app using the REST API and WordPress. Human Made’s Rian Rietveld will discuss how he is working to make WordPress more accessible for everyone.



While the actual sponsor-selection process was the same as other WordCamps, the team gave sponsors more perks. Along with reaching thousands of attendees with a booth, companies get to participate in the new Sponsor Track. This is timely as the business value of sponsoring a WordCamp was pushed forefront in the news following WordCamp US last year.

The Sponsor Track at WordCamp Europe affords sponsors the opportunity to hold their own talks or workshops and teach attendees more about their product or service. The track will be a part of the official WordCamp schedule and have a dedicated space like the other tracks. It’s not only a good opportunity for attendees to demo and learn more about products or services, but it also provides sponsors with additional business value to help rationalize the hefty sponsorship fee.

Contributor Day

A hammer and a wrench.

Contributing to WordPress.org is a great way to give back, but there isn’t always time in the work day to do so. Contributor Day is the perfect opportunity to contribute back to WordPress and learn from some of the most talented WordPressers in the game. Here people gather together for an entire day, dedicated to improving WordPress.

Unlike previous years, Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe this year will be held the day before the conference on June 15. Anyone that already has a ticket to the WCEU is eligible to register. There are only 500 spots, and they are going quickly, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

All skill levels are invited to attend. Whether you’ve been using WordPress for 10 years or 10 days, you’ll find something exciting to learn and get into. The day will include workshops and talks about topics like JavaScript, accessibility, security, and more.

Come prepared with a laptop and charger, a Slack account, and any questions you may have. Contributor Day starts June 15 at 8:30 a.m. at the Business Center – Les Docks de Paris (the same location as the conference).


Admittedly, there is a lot of information to keep up on when preparing for such a large event, but that’s why the team created Pierre. As I stated at the beginning, he is an email robot designed to send informative and entertaining updates leading up to WordCamp Europe.

Pierre will make send dates, deadlines, and even food suggestions.

You’ll receive videos, weather updates, and more. Make sure you pay attention to Pierre because he’ll share critical information until you’re safely in your first session.


Paris is a destination and it can be hard to leave your family while you go to such an iconic place. With that in mind, the team will provide childcare on June 16 and 17. Kids, 12 and under, will be taken care of from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for lunch. The kids will be watched inside the conference space, so parents won’t have to visit two locations in the morning.

Of course, children are invited to attend sessions with their parents, and anyone under 16 doesn’t need a ticket, but childcare provided, regardless. Make sure you register your kids so organizers have an idea of how many to expect.

Buy Your Tickets Today!

As of today, there are less than 250 tickets left, so if you want to attend, buy one soon!

The conference is on track to be the biggest WordCamp ever – even bigger than last years in Vienna. The conference goes from June 16 to 17 in Paris.

What are you most excited for WordCamp Europe? Let us know in the comments below. 

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