This is going to be a tough conversation, Joe. You’ve done some good work for us, but the higher ups have decided that we won’t be putting as much of an emphasis on User Experience moving forward. So we’re going to have to let you go. Here’s all the documentation you’ll need to handle your health insurance, retirement account and how to return any equipment you still have in your possession. We really do wish you the best in this transition, Joe. I had barely registered a word of it. My mind was already racing. It was finally time turn my passion project into a full-time job. This was perfect. I nodded, shook hands with my “superior” and thanked him for the opportunity. I left the office that day excited at what the future held. So…You Got Fired? I guess so? To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure. Perhaps I was let go? Or maybe it sounds best that my position was discontinued? However you want to spin it, I’ve parted ways with government consulting after my company lost some major contracts and am putting my plan into action a bit earlier than I’d anticipated. What Plan? As you may already know, I started a business
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