Speeding up WordPress load times for mobile devices is the single most important thing you can do for mobile optimization. Even if you have the most beautiful responsive design the world has ever seen, it’s not going to matter if your site loads slowly. Many people on mobile devices simply won’t wait for your site to load, they’ll get frustrated and go to your competitor. Speeding up your site can directly increase your sales and decrease bounce rates, making a huge impact on your bottom line. There are many reasons why your site could be slow, including hosting, caching, site errors, and more. This stuff can get really technical, my goal is to give you practical tips, not bog you down with jargon. No matter what industry you are in, you will be able to improve your website speed on mobile (and desktop) using the information in this guide. According to recent research by DoubleClick the average load time for mobile sites is 19 seconds over 3G. You may be saying, 3G is slow, I’m always on wifi! That may be true for you, but remember that China and India have over 8.5X the population of the United States, and they mainly use older Android devices on slow connections.
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