In this article, I would like to share some of our findings we discovered during the design and development of eMD MailChimp extension and WP App Studio MailChimp connection focusing on the definitions of some MailChimp campaign related concepts such as lists, groups and segments etc. As a side note, I have extensive experience on professional email campaign marketing solutions mostly designing and developing Oracle Siebel eMail Marketing and Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management as a solutions architect and project manager for various Fortune 500 companies. So if you find a topic or concept in this article that is interesting or need to be explained more, do not hesitate to post a comment. At emarket design, we use Amazon SES for email sending and an in-house built system for email marketing. Since most of our clients needed to connect our apps and WP App Studio generated custom WordPress apps to MailChimp, we decided to build an extension for our apps and connection for WP App Studio. MailChimp is one of the prominent email marketing platforms offering email campaign template creation, advanced list management and segmentation capabilities among many other things to improve your
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