Paul Ford is the co-founder of Postlight, a digital product studio based in NYC. Before starting his own company, he covered tech for many well-known publications like The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Slate, and more. Ford is also a programmer who created SavePublishing and AnxietyBox. Based on his passion for coding, Ford wrote a massive 38,000 piece explaining what programming is for non-programmers, called “What is Code?” We chatted with Ford about smarter content management systems, his projects with Vice and Bloomberg, and the future of media. First, let me take a step back and share one of the big projects that came out of Postlight Labs: Mercury. It’s a Chrome plugin that parses web pages and makes them more easily readable. It’s similar to an earlier product that my business partner Rich Ziade created, called Readability. Underneath Mercury, there’s a platform that can do a lot of things: it has APIs, you can use it to convert content to be AMP-ready for better mobile reading. As we’ve been working more and more on Mercury, we’ve been thinking of what else we can do with it. One of these things is Bloomberg Lens. It’s a
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