If you’re any kind of online professional, Google Docs is a lifesaver. Easy collaboration, cloud storage…Google makes you happy to hand your life over to them! But up until now, most of our Google-focused posts have been focused on Google Docs and showing you skills like how to import Google Docs to WordPress with Jetpack or via some manual hacking. But what if you aren’t just using Google Docs? What if you also like creating, say, Google Sheets presentations? How can you integrate your presentations with WordPress? Well, if you glanced at the post title before you started reading, you can probably guess that that’s what I’m going to show you in this post. Google Slides Presentations in WordPress? Why? I think most people have this outdated views that slideshows are just for dull business presentations or class projects. And sure, I have created many a dull PowerPoint in my day…but that doesn’t mean slide presentations have to be snooze fests. Sites like SlideShare are popular because people are, well, actually willing to sit down and watch a slideshow. Personally, I would never create a slideshow from scratch just for a blog post. But if
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