Making an extra seven-hundred bucks isn’t keeping the lights on, but I’ll take it. Quenching the thirst of shiny-object syndrome is an on-going race of time versus effort, for me. I love the creation process, shaping new ideas into little executable nuggets that when consumed, create little ah-ha! moments for a new audience. Over the years, I’ve launched a lot of side hustles that end up becoming part of my main stream business. My podcast, for example, was one of those “testing the waters” things. In today’s article, I hope to answer some of the questions that allow you to configure a side hustle to your side hustle, and how to level it up to becoming a solid source of revenue. From side side hustle, to side hustle; maybe even a business? Yes, my side side hustle, is turning into a side hustle — heck — maybe even a legit service business, one day. I gave User Feedback Videos it’s own domain + sales page once I started getting repeat customers, that was my ah-ha! moment. Surpassing $700 in sales helped too, and there’s still the risk that this thing might not ever sell another order, but I’ve upgraded it to “side
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