jQuery has emerged as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating advanced websites with top-notch functionality. The recently updated version of jQuery comes with some added features to offer a refined user experience. jQuery has been willingly accepted by the web designing community as it allows developing user interactions quickly.

jQuery is a framework that requires minimum effort and coding to design applications with an increased functionality. It comes with lots of plugins that increase website function. Let’s have a look at top 10 well-known jQuery plugins.


This plugin makes it easy to implement horizontal scrolling with a parallax effect. It is a lightweight jQuery plugin that is very easy to set up and requires no configuration.

Being lightweight, it allows you to move in horizontal with a parallax effect.


Tabslet is a great option for making tabs. The plugin supports custom events, rotation, deep linking, and more. It is easy-to-use and supports browsers like IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and so on.

When it comes to compatibility, the plugin supports almost all the latest versions.


This plugin supports the creation of advanced and quality-rich image galleries. Aimed at providing the best user experience, this plugin is high on performance with an enticing image display and an easy builder. Made for both developers and designers, the tool features one of the easiest ways to create image galleries.

Magnific Popup

This is another lightweight jQuery plugin that emphasizes compatibility as well as performance. It is super-fast and works on multiple devices including high-DPI (Retina) devices such as MacBook Pro.

It is a responsive dialog script with focus on performance and providing the best experience for users with any device.


Unslider is a simple jQuery plugin that is basically an image slider that supports all the HTML elements like text, image, and video. It is perfect for creating flexible and clean content sliders.

Features touch and wipe support, customizable transition animation, this jQuery plugin has all the important elements for a functional website.


This plugin provides granular control over individual characters, thereby allowing you to color individual letters, apply event listeners, apply kerning, and more.

It also allows you to play nicely with FitText, thereby giving you desktop style control over typography while remaining responsive at the same time.


This jQuery plugin allows you to make font sizes flexible by automatically scaling it up and down. The plugin works perfectly to create scalable headlines by making font-sizes flexible.


This plugin creates tooltips with a flexible base. By featuring default style and animations, this tool offers a complete control over the website structure. It can further be customized with an improved look and feel.


If you want to add simple scrolling effects to the web page, then ScrollMe jQuery plugin is a viable choice for you. After implementing the plugin on your website, you will be able to rotate, scroll, and translate the density of different elements on the web page. Easy to get started, the plugin does not require knowing a single line of coding.

ArtDesign Slider

The tool is an image slider that resizes images with varied dimensions. It supports full height and width with navigation control. It is featured with 24 transition effects, which, in turn, makes it easy to readjust images accordingly.

In a Nutshell

jQuery has emerged as one of the topmost frameworks because it has a large number of plugins that add more to its functionality. The plugins mentioned above enhance user experience by adding new features.


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