In this article, we explore 11 of the most helpful add-ons for Elementor, developed by several talented third-party developers. Elementor is an extremely extensive plugin, especially if you compare it with other single-purpose plugins like Hide Comments. With it, you have the ability to manage a wide array of WordPress functionality. This includes customizing your sites images, forms, sliders and so on. Even though you can do a lot with our plugin, some functionality is bound to be left out. This is where 3rd party plugins come-in handy. While our internal team has to stay focused on our roadmap and key developments, external developers can more freely sidetrack and develop imaginative features, like a typing effect headline for example. Extending Elementor is something we are very interested in encouraging. That's why we invest a lot of efforts on helping add-on developers in various ways. These include releasing a well-documented API, creating a beta-tester group and engaging in responsive communication with other developers on our GitHub page. I'm happy to say it worked. Today there are numerous helpful Elementor addons out there. These add-ons have been created by highly skilled
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