Increasing Monthly Revenue On today's episode, Curtis and Reuven discuss Increasing Monthly Revenue with Jason Resnick. Jason is a web developer, freelancer, and consultant. He specializes in establishing e-commerce businesses, aiming to help entrepreneurs and freelancers increase their sales by strategies and implementations. Tune in to learn more how to increase your monthly revenue 10 times in 6 months! Changing Gears in Business At the beginning, he was unsure of what business he really wanted to focus on. He figured out how to satisfy his clients as far as problem-solving is concerned. The idea of leveraging his client-based business to build recurring revenue came to him around 2013. As any other developer, he doesn't enjoy phone calls. However, mutual communication with the clients was the only way to know which direction a project is headed. By setting up 10-15 minute phone calls, he gained the revenues he wanted. Relationship with Clients Jason enjoys working with his e-commerce clients and learning from them at the same time. He checks on which areas his clients were struggling with online, and directly manages the implementation of strategies in making new features, improving
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