Have you ever got to a tricky situation when you were preparing for a night out for 3 days long, came to a luxury restaurant in a perfect mood but everything was spoiled by an indelicate staff? Probably some of you once experienced this feeling. It enrages, doesn’t it? This is the question of service. The key question in the world where money can buy everything (or almost everything). Nowadays more and more people make a choice in favor of full and complete service (even if it costs more) in exchange for the absence of bother. Many service providers are motivated by this fact and do their best to surprise to the upside their customers. They invest money into feedback processing, in-service education of their staff, personnel appearance etc. and in the end they win. Want to know why? Because they choose Customer Centric Strategy as the way of perceiving the world. Customer Centric Strategy is a way of doing business in which you put customers to the foreground and it results into positive customer satisfaction. In other words, you put the interests of your customer in the center of production strategy starting from the first meeting with the client to the post-sale service. Successful
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