Sometimes we do not realize the time we spend in performing certain repetitive tasks in our daily lives. For example, to share in the different social networks the new posts that we publish in our blog in WordPress. And it is not something that is done quickly, given the amount of RRSS existing. But thanks to the service offered by IFTTT you will have more time for you. You know that from Silo Creativo one of our priorities in optimizing our work to become much more productive. And for this, we want to show you how to use IFTTT and apply it in WordPress to automate all those repetitive tasks and better use your time What is IFTTT? The acronym itself tells us: If This Then That. It is a free online service that allows us to automate specific tasks. That is, an action will be triggered when certain conditions are met in an app, online service or device. These actions-reactions were formerly known as recipes, but now IFTTT calls them Applets. But then, how do the old recipes differ from the new Applets? Before, with a recipe an action provoked a reaction. And now with the new Applets, an action is completed with one or multiple reactions. Unfortunately, the Applets service with multiple
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