At some point in your professional life, you’ve probably wondered how to become a contributor for Forbes Magazine. Or maybe Inc, Fast Company, or even Entrepreneur. It’s powerful exposure and authority positioning. Every time I write for Entrepreneur, I get 100+ new Twitter followers. It also gives you other places to share your message. I can rank in Google for almost any 3-5 word term with my account at Huffington Post. You also get free traffic and valuable backlinks from these very, very powerful authority sites that your competitors can’t get. Unfortunately, contributing to highly respected publications isn’t always easy. Each publication has their own requirements and preferences with regards to the content they promote. It can seem almost like a maze you have to navigate with no map. Any entrepreneur that wants to get their work published needs to learn the necessary steps. Read below to learn how to get featured on 9 different sites (you can also download my whole list of over 100 places here). 1. Become a Contributor For Forbes The content found on Forbes most often includes lifestyle, personal finance, stock market, technology and business pieces. Yet,
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