If you are reading this you probably have thought at some point of making your own customized marketplace like eBay. On eBay, everyone can be a seller and a buyer simultaneously. Also consider the fact that auctions are way more attractive than ordinary sales. For buyers and bidders, auctions create a sense of curiosity which makes people more vigilant towards the product they like and keep close tabs on it. All to the advantage of the seller, the buyer often ends up purchasing at a higher price than they thought of initially. Since bidders compete simultaneously for the product, it’s always a winning situation for the seller. The feel of scarcity as well as urgency that auctions create in the minds of onlookers is often more powerful than regular marketing techniques created to make an ordinary sale attractive. Now imagine building your own online marketplace of auction-able products with today’s best eCommerce solution, that works with an unlimited number of vendors, and sells multiple types of products. Let me tell you, it is not hard as you may think. The Cherry On Top: Imagine also if you could mobilize your local neighborhood to join your online marketplace through
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