The WordPress community has become increasingly global as the platform’s popularity has grown over time. This growth is evident in the ever increasing number of WordCamps and Meetups being held worldwide. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go to India for 22-days on a mission to directly meet the WordPress community there. Here’s what I discovered. Breaking Out of the US WordPress Bubble A lot of members of the WordPress community travel to WordCamps outside their own city or state. Fewer travel internationally, but those that do gain important perspectives that many miss out on. For me, I have done a fair bit of traveling but not specifically for the sake of expanding my WordPress knowledge and network. This was the first goal of the trip, to break out of the bubble many of us in the US live in. I wanted to discover how one of the top tech nations in the world uses and develops on WordPress. I wanted to see how to viewed our community back at home and how we can work closer. Another reason I chose India for this first trip was because we had recently hired on a new developer named Ravinder Kumar. At first, I was a bit nervous about the huge time difference. This
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