Today, we’re excited to share a brand new way to display your posts. We call it Cards, and it allows you to create beautiful card-like layouts. Your blog is where you display most of your content, so it has to look its best. Today, we are introducing the Cards skin, a new layer of design that sits on top of the Posts widget, allowing you to upgrade your blog design with the latest material design trend. A cards layout is a dynamic grid that displays content in card-like boxes. It helps organize large amounts of data in an ordered, minimalist and stylish way. This foundation of this style is derived from Google's material design. Pinterest was the first to incorporate it as an innovative way to lay out content on the web. Since then, cards have become extremely popular and were mentioned as one of the leading design trends of 2017. It is currently used by top brands like Dribbble, Google, and UXPin. See how much better a blog looks with the Cards skin: ? Hover to reveal cards skin ? The importance of the new Cards feature lays not only with providing you with another design layout. It represents an evolution in Elementor, the evolution into skins. Cards is not a separate widget,
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