You only realize how incredibly impressive a team is on launch day. The Gravityscan team worked steadily for almost a year, consistently producing releases that added features as Gravityscan grew and became a product. Then, through the QA cycle, the team steadily burned down bugs and made the product rock-solid and ready for launch. Here Are the Numbers In the first 24 hours since Gravityscan launched, we processed 26,153 scans. 12,596 unique sites have been added to users’ accounts. Of those, 6,007 sites had their site ownership verified with Google Analytics, which is by far the fastest and easiest method to verify site ownership. Remember: you need to verify site ownership to see vulnerabilities. We do this to make sure unauthorized users can’t see your site’s vulnerabilities. We already have our first Pro customers, and many have upgraded multiple sites – in some cases, those upgrades numbered in the double digits – to Gravityscan Pro for faster scans and all the other benefits of Pro. We have a total of 4,052 registered users now – and climbing. The Craziness of Launch Day Yesterday morning starting at 7am Pacific Time, we launched. We let our
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