In today’s podcast, my good friend and colleague, Patrick Rauland joins us as we announce a new project we launched today, the Lift Off Summit. This online summit is the culmination of something we both care deeply about: the struggles online store owners face getting and keeping customers. As a result, we are bringing in 18 experts to share with you everything they know about getting traffic and loyal customers. For five days, June 19-23, you will get to watch 3-4 videos each day absolutely free. And anytime, prior to the event, during the event or after the event, you can purchase the full-access pass to watch not only the free content anytime, anywhere, but also an additional video with premium, in-depth content from each speaker, as well as an audio files so you can listen when you are on the go. So tune in to learn why we pulled together this event and what you can expect. And of course, you can visit our site, the Lift Off Summit to get your free access pass today. Transcript You can also download a pdf of the full transcript here: WordPress eCommerce Show Episode 80 May 31 2017 Bluehost, the sponsor of the WP eCommerce show, is the most trusted host for WordPress websites
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