In Episode 72, we continue our series, Starting and Growing Your Online Course. In today’s show we are looking at the benefits of adding courses to your online store with Chris Badgett, instructor and creator of LifterLMS plugin for WordPress. Online course are a perfect opportunity for online sellers not only to educate their customers, but to grow better relationships. And depending on what you sell, whether it’s a physical or virtual product, there are solid strategies to increase your sales and customer base through education and online courses. We chatted about: How shop owners can make sure they have the resources to start their online courses If you should put your courses in your online store or on a separate site The challenges store owners face when starting online courses and how to overcome them An example of an existing site that has been incredibly successful with online courses How a store owner my be surprised that there is an audience for their online course, no matter the product or service Thanks to Our Podcast Sponsor: Bluehost Transcript You can also download a pdf of the full transcript here: WordPress eCommerce Show Episode 72 May 1 2017 Hey, everyone,
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