Are slow page speeds hurting your Google search rankings? Conducting page speed audits will help you find out. But where do you start? Here are three tools you can use to do quick and thorough page speed audits to help your page speed optimization efforts. Google Chrome’s Developer Tools Let’s start with the simplest and most helpful tool: Google Chrome’s Developer Tools. The tool comes with Chrome, and you can access it by right clicking any page in Chrome, choosing inspect, and toggling to the network tab. This is what the developer tools network panel looks like The types of insights you can get from this tool are invaluable and can give you a good idea of where and what the problem areas are on your website. Here are some tips for when you run your tests: Disable cache: This allows you to mimic the experience of a brand new visitor. Since new visitors will have to download all your assets in order to cache it, this gives you a view of where your site stands in terms of load speed. Enable capture screenshots: Click the camera icon. This will provide you with snapshots of the page’s load progressions. You can see how the new user experiences your site in increments
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