Some bloggers choose to remove the dates of their posts. But I would say very few get away with it. What I mean it that most of the times it just causes confusion and frustration for the reader. Because there are lot of subjects you blog about that will make it harder for your readers when you remove the dates. For example, just about anything in the tech industry. Things change so fast. Even for us here, we want to make sure that when you are looking at a post about a WordPress plugin, that you are aware of when it was published. But today, I am not talking about the merits of dating your posts or not. I’m Talking About How to Handle the Dates for When Your Post Has Been Updated. If you are like me, I often go back into posts, especially popular posts, and update them. Often it’s something that reflects a new feature—or some other change— in a plugin or theme. If you run a news site, you may also update your stories with changed or new info. In either case, it’s nice to let the reader know. Especially in my case, where I may have originally published a post on a plugin in two years ago, have updated it, and want my readers to understand that they are learning
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