WordPress agencies (and WordPress freelancers) are creative business entities that help provide online solutions and presence for their clients – other businesses. If you are the owner of such a WordPress agency or are employed by one, you know that in order to stay profitable a WordPress agency must have a constant flow of customers and projects, running back to back. Many agencies attest that they would love to be able to allow their team a little breathing buffer between one client’s project and the next. Or, maybe even be able to pick & choose the clients they want to work with by simply saying “No, thank you.” to the pesky ones. Sure, you could stretch the agency to the very limit and try to finish 400+ WordPress projects in 7 months and then take a looooong vacation, but, have you ever tried thinking about a different, less exhausting, way of running a successful WordPress business? Let’s dive into some viable options: Recurring income in WordPress via services One increasingly common way agencies and freelancers are embracing recurring income is by having their clients sign a “WordPress retainer” agreement. That sort of agreement
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